How can I keep moles and groundhogs out of my yard?

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  • Sandy Sandy on Oct 29, 2019

    Moth balls worked for me be careful if you have pets.

  • Oliva Oliva on Nov 01, 2019

    Moles are attracted to grubs, so if your yard had Japanese beetles, they've laid eggs, which hatched into grubs.

    Next year, treat your yard with Grub X, following package directions. Clean up all leaf litter. Treat live Japanese beetles with Pyrethrin.

    For groundhogs: spray your yard with agricultural strength castor bean oil or a mix of garlic and putrescent eggs, cayenne pepper, citrus essential oils, etc.

    Grow castor bean plants near your perimeter.

    Install a fence above grade (4' high) and below grade (at least 12"-14", with the top 2" bent away from your fenceline.

    Groundhogs will hide under sheds, in wood piles, tall grass, etc.

    Secure entry to bottom of sheds using "hardware cloth" tightly woven mesh screening, secured with screws or similar to timbers, etc.

    Mow down all tall weeds/grasses and disassemble wood piles.

    If you have apple trees, remove any fallen apples, as these are on a groundhog's "favorites" list ( as are tomatoes, etc.).