How do I rid my house of ants?

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  • Ginny Ginny on Jul 04, 2018
    Try TERRA ant traps from Home Depot or other big box stores.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 04, 2018
    i alternate between the myo ant bait and a commercial product.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 04, 2018
    Vinegar wiped on all walls and counters, inside cabinets, etc. disturbs the trail they leave for other ants. Diatomaceous earth, sprinkled outside, will slice them open. May require 2nd application if rain, or over peiod of several weeks. Package all sweets, salt, etc. in air tight containers. Areas with sand (pavers) attract them. Apply Diatomaceous earth there, as well, along patio doors, entryways, etc.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 04, 2018
    we have a pest control company and the y give us the liquid traps that can be bought at the grocery.

  • Hi Nan - This is the DIY formula that we use and it works really well. Good luck! Hugs, Holly

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Jul 05, 2018
    I have used Terra products for years

  • Nan W. Nan W. on Jul 07, 2018
    I am totally obsessed with keeping things clean... no crumbs on the counter-tops. Also, all of my food is either in the refrigerator or stored in jars (like for pasta, flour, cornmeal, cereal, etc) -- with screw-on lids!!