How do you get rid of the little black flies on my Christmas cactus I

by Debramaston
  5 answers
  • those flies are actually living in the soil. some people try spraying a mix of water and dish detergent and others would probably try to transplant into clean soil and a clean pot.

  • Beth Beth on Sep 11, 2018

    I had this problem in a bonsai tree. Like Elizabeth said, they're living in the soil. What I did was to remove the plant from the contaminated soil, rinse the roots and base of the plant, leave it to dry for a couple of hours on a paper towel, and then I re-potted in a clean pot with clean soil. That seems to have solved the issue.

  • Betty Penner Betty Penner on Sep 12, 2018

    First, I sprayed the dirt surrounding the plant with Home Defence Max. It will not kill your plant if some gets on the leaves. Then I covered the entire dirt surface with cinnamon powder. All around the stalk of the plant too. I used quite a bit, covering the dirt up entirely. Smells wonderful too! Then I watered using a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide in the water. I also spray my cactus with the same peroxide/water recipe and they loved it growing tons of new leaves before blooming season. The peroxide mixes well with fertilizer, not to worry. No bugs either!

  • Beth Beth on Sep 18, 2018

    The ants are most likely there because you have aphids, which you will probably not see, but ooze a sticky sweet substance the ants love. Use a spray that kills aphids AND do what Beth says above. Beths know best, haha!

    -Another Beth