How do you make mosquito spray?

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  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 13, 2018
    I've read that this works, but I don't really know. Anyhoo, I'll pass it along,

    Mosquito yard spray: 1 big bottle of cheap blue mouthwash - 3 cups epsom salt - 3 12oz bottles of cheap stale beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Put in spray bottle and spray everything. Won't harm plants or flowers. It says that mosquitoes will be gone for 80 days - if it doesn't rain, I guess. Spray your sitting areas too. Has a nice mint smell. Whomever passed this along to me got it from a Paul Harvey show. Yeah, you young 'ens don't remember him:(

    I have mint plants in my yard. Mint seems to repel mosquitoes. You can tell a mint plant from a regular plant by their stems. They are squarish where other plant stems are round. I have Lemon Mint and Spearmint plants. They really spread and are quite invasive, so either put them in a pot or in an area that they can't spread. I have mine growing as a hedge around my sitting area, but there is a lot of upkeep to that and keeping the volunteers in check. Good luck!

  • This is the bug spray that we use and it works really well. Good luck! Hugs, Holly