How do I get rid of little black flies?


How can I get rid of little black flies. They seem to eat fly spray.

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  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 25, 2018

    If they are fruit flies here is a link with a homemade solution:

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Dec 25, 2018

    If you have a lot, put up a fly strip. I know they are gross to look at, but they will help get them under control quicker. Check any potted plants to make sure they aren't coming from them. If they are, repot them in fresh soil, rinse the roots and the plants gently with water to get all the soil off, clean the pots with bleach water and finish with vinegar to kill any fungus spores that may still be in the pots. Let it sit for a few minutes, rinse the vinegar off and repot your plants in the brand new soil. Do not reuse the soil for anything.

  • Ginny Ginny on Dec 25, 2018

    Fly strips should work.

  • Betsy Betsy on Dec 25, 2018

    Hi Joybelle: Well, Nancy said just what I would have said. You might try leaving a small bowl of vinegar out and maybe put some sugar or jelly in it. Good luck.

  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 25, 2018

    Hi Joybelle. I'm Cindy. I did a bit of research and read a recipe that people claim works. Here it is: a half-cup of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of Molasses, a quarter-cup of sugar, and one cup of water. Pour this mixture in a container and hang near them. Good luck Joybelle and Happy Holidays.

  • Joybelle Joybelle on Dec 26, 2018

    Thank you lovely people for your answers, I have tried the fly strips they work a little. Will try your ideas Cindy & Betsy, Thankyou all.

  • Dana Mason Dana Mason on Dec 26, 2018

    a fun way to get rid of them is with a salt gun. It is literally a gun that you shoot them with.