How to get rid of rodents?


Seem to have quite a few. Any diy for this?

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  • Corinn Corinn on Jan 26, 2019

    Do you mean in your home, if so you must go around the entire house and look for holes. Once you get rid of holes they will not be coming in. If you mean around your house, check for standing water they look for water, also getting a cat or dog could help a lot.

  • Florida Beachpotato Florida Beachpotato on Jan 26, 2019

    Go to local animal control and get a rescue cat or two....

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Jan 26, 2019

    Depends on what they are? I use snap traps with peanut butter for mice in the house and poison outside. For chipmunks I use a 5 gal bucket filled 3/4’s with water and throw sunflower seeds on top. Use a 2 x4 or stick as a ramp. They jump in for seed and drown.

  • Jacquelyne May Jacquelyne May on Jan 26, 2019

    Go to the high kill shelter near you. Get yourself 2 cats. Problem solved!

  • Call an exterminator. Heed their advice. Plug up every hole you have. I have 6 cats and they are the laziest rescue cats on the planet. I live in a semi rural area and expect a certain amount of wildlife and rodents. We all have fruit trees and gardens which can attract them. I also feed the birds. I have one dog that is an excellent mouser and rat catcher. I have a bunch of dogs so my rodent population is at a minimum, the pet activity scares most rodents and animals off. I just need to be careful with the raccoons. Individually they are easy to scare off. In a pack, they can be dangerous. I just speak to them, and they move on with no drama. They seem to know to turn up here when one of them is hurt or sick. I have taken them to the local wildlife vet. The vet then brings them back to my neighborhood and we release them back to their group, pack or clan. I have come home mid day and have found them lounging on my patio furniture in a food coma from stuffing themselves with fruit from my yard and that of my neighbors. Typically nocturnal, but not in my neighborhood!