What can I do to rid my garden of slugs

Organic slug control
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  • J Merillat J Merillat on Nov 10, 2014
    I saw this same question on another site, just today! One of the commenters suggested using used coffee grounds. They are acidic, and the slugs don't crawl over them!

  • Carole Carole on Nov 12, 2014
    I have used beer in a container that both slugs and snails can crawl into. It works as they are attracted to it. Also have heard of coffee grounds, also crushed egg shells around plants -needs an awful lot of eggshell though! There is also a product - copper tape - you can buy from nurseries, garden centres and some hardware stores. Put this as edging around your raised garden beds and pots to keep slugs and snails off. They don't like crossing it apparently. Not tried it myself though. The other way to go is to take a torch and stroll round the garden as it is getting dark out (especially after rain) and simply pull them off your plants and get rid of them - I leave it up to you how you dispose of them - LOL! Please don't pour salt on them as that is a very cruel and painful death - treading on them would be more merciful than that.

  • Karen hayes Karen hayes on Nov 12, 2015
    Diatomaceous earth is organic & found in many garden centers. Sprinkle around your plants or all over your garden/flower beds. It's very abrasive to slugs and is also good for controlling ants, roaches and other pests around your home & yard.

  • Marsha Milstock Marsha Milstock on Mar 19, 2017
    Buy a big bag of lyme. Can be bought at a home hardware store.
    Suround the plant with this. I put it around my Hostesses.
    It almost looks like I have snow around my plants in the summer.
    I put the Lyme just when they start to grow. By the time they have reached their summers growth you will not see the Lyme. As it sits at the base of the plant.
    This really works. I have hundreds of hostesses, all planted together in four different parts of my garden. I separate the hostesses from my other plants because of the slugs.
    Slugs are a magnet to hostesses.
    If you put enough Lyme down you will not have to worry about your plants.

  • Des20415622 Des20415622 on Mar 20, 2017
    Every year I used to put beer in a container, pick the slugs off the plants and deposit them in the beer container. Voila!!!

  • Hef15853014 Hef15853014 on Mar 29, 2017
    Finely Crushed egg shells are effective too, also good for the garden, add calcium..

  • Lisa Cantrell Lisa Cantrell on Apr 22, 2017

  • Ginny Ginny on Apr 22, 2017
    Try replacing the hasta plants with loriope if you have hasta. Snails don't like loriope and I think it's prettier and heartier than hasta. I went through the snail routine years ago and got tired of it; therefore, the loriope.