How to treat mole problems in winter time

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Dec 15, 2017
    We have tried unsuccessfully—->the worms and a mechanical trap. I think we need a hungry hawk or cat.
    Good luck with this nuisance problem, I think the best solution for us would be to get rid of the grubs and that is not a winter time job

  • Joy Joy on Dec 15, 2017
    We heard from a friend to take Juicy Fruit chewing gum and break it into small 1/4" pieces. You then put these into the mole hole. It took care of the moles in my blueberries. The moles had killed one bush. I also use the gum in my garden. Tried other brands of gum but the Juicy Fruit is the only one that worked.

  • Msc21916123 Msc21916123 on Dec 15, 2017
    Good luck! I lost an entire bluerug embankment...
    they sound like VOLES not moles. voles eat vegetation. Moles eat grubs...(meat eaters).
    they sell a green square pellet you can break down aller & put in the trails & holes...a cat is a huge help!
    check w local garden shop (Lowe’s) for new VOLE products...
    good luck!

  • Medusasgarden Medusasgarden on Dec 15, 2017
    Plant some Castor beans. The are highly ornamental, effective protection from moles, easy to grow annuals, however there is something to consider - the seeds are poison. But if you harvest the seed pods before maturing, you should be fine.