My dog has destroyed the grass in my back yard!

by Dta21871246
- any low cost suggestions?
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  • Jen Jen on May 11, 2017

    This has happened to us as well, in several spots in our yard. The most inexpensive thing would be to lay grass seed, which you typically should do in the fall and to make sure you water the soil frequently. You'll need to first loosen the top 2-3 inches of soil and level it so there are not areas where water will collect, then lay the grass seed. Your local hardware/garden store will be able to tell you what kind of grass seed grows best in your area.

    A lawn company can do this for you but it will cost approximately $200.

  • John John on May 11, 2017

    Dogs typically create paths along fence lines by running back and forth along the fence. this is just naturally going to happen--not much you can do here...brown spots can be made by acid in decaying feces or by acidic urine, keep feces watered in and diluted or picked up - urine the same. Best idea is take your dog for regular walks outside his confinement area...always carry baggies to pick up feces.the less in your yard, the less damage....digging is another matter as well as continued laying in the same spot.....also the dog may not be the problem....such as grub worms that eat the grass roots and kill the grass. above all--no matter what---love your pet---it really is not the dogs fault...being confined limits the restroom facilities

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on May 11, 2017

    If your dog is wearing paths in your yard you can put down pavers where the path is. I have a terraced front and back yard, two are in the back. There is a path that leads up the west side of the yard to my garden, caused by both humans and four dogs. We plan on either using pavers that are a dollar for a 12x12 piece or we saw a form at our local menards that you fill with cement and can make a pathway. Our dogs and the shade on the first level in the back yard don't give grass a chance to grow, so we are giving up on reseeding to no avail and going with pavers on that level.

  • Sauve Sauve on May 12, 2017

    I am sorry but I am going to start at prevention and go on from there.

    I like to be barefoot in my yard. I want family and friends with children to feel safe playing in the grass. To accomplish this I needed to make 2 areas for my dogs. One is the dog potty area and then on the other side of the yard a dog digging area. To determine the dog potty area measured each dog from tip of now to tip of tail. I decided to place the dog potty area a couple of feet removed from the storage shed that holds the lawn tractor the area will be triangular in shape. It is on the side of the house that is seldom used. I followed this link to make it:

    The dog digging area is on the other side of the back of the house. I took a childs plastic wadding pool, drilled some holes in the bottom. My gardener dug the hold and put a couple bags of beach sand in there. Then we placed the pool in the hole so the top was level with the ground. Finally we filled it with sand and planted around it. The digging area has shelter in the afternoon from nearby trees. The dog potty area is in full sun and weather mode.

    I buried treats and toys in the dog digging area, and will take my dogs out on a leash to the dog potty area where I will leave them for an hour in the morning and the evening. It will have a temporary fence around it which I will have removed when satisfied with their training. I will give them treats to train them and when they make a mistake in the yard I will have the biggest disappoint ever. This method works well with our dogs since they want to please. I don't spank or hurt or harm animals.

    Then my gardener will repair the damage to the lawn. It doesn't do any good to repair the damage if one doesn't solve the problem first. I know this will work because I have done it before without building the potty area or digging area. My dogs pottied where a kennel for hunting dogs had been previously and they dug where there was some sand to cover a fire pit.

    The dog potty area is easy to maintain simply by disposing of the solid waste so that it never smells. Once a week, if it doesn't rain I simply hose it down to make sure that the ammonia build up stays at a reasonable diluted rate.

  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on May 12, 2017

    You haven't said how the lawn is ruined. If it is urine burn than you can add a small amount of apple cider vinegar into their water. If they have ripped it up by digging it up or similar then give them their own sand pit and when you see them digging take them to the sand pit and remind them this is the place to dig. You can also hide toys in their to make it more exciting for them.