Natural way to control insects, such as cockroaches, fleas.


I start coughing when using many of the the store chemicals. I live in tractor trailer containers. We decided to have an adventure, last season. Anyway the one I lived in is overrun with cockroaches, I have been cleaning everything, before moving into a cabin I am now staying in that's on the same property. He passed away two years ago, May 22nd. Having a hard time catching up. Thanks for your help.

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  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on Jun 28, 2018
    If you will be using inside I recommend using Diatamaceous Earth. It comes in a fine powder form, is non-toxic to humans or pets. You can put a line around the inside perimeter, on countertops and inside cabinets, under your appliances and anywhere you spot ants or roaches or fleas or spiders. All they have to do is get it on them, walk through it. It dries them up from the inside out. You can get it at Home Depot or Lowes in the garden department or online. You want Food Grade. It works outside as well, but will not work when it gets wet.

  • Tera Tera on Jun 28, 2018
    Diatomaceous earth- you can get it on Amazon or at HD/Lowe's in many forms. Food grade does the job too. It dessicates them and for the smaller bugs it's like walking through a field of giant razor sharp glass. Put it in a squeeze bottle for crevices, or use a paint brush to put a fine layer down(not a noticeable pile of white dirt, except to insects). Once it is wet it is no longer useful. Sounds like you should put a large amount down, then use the squeeze bottle and paint brush for after they've gone. Works for fleas too. I like to put some in my chimney and under the couches/cushions.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 28, 2018
    I use only non-toxic natural insecticides, for roaches I have used Victors (mint), and EcoLogic or EcoSmart (lemongrass, citronella). For roaches keep all food in tin storage cans or glass jars. Dried foods I have also put in zip lock baggies. I get these natural insecticides at True Value Hardware store and the home stores in town.
    For fleas, I use a flea lamp that has a sticky pad and a green light. And I use 20 Mule Team Laundry Borax, put in a jar and poke lots of holes in the lid, then sprinkle on carpet and furniture and leave 3 hours, then vacuum. I also add this to the laundry 1/2c to kill eggs. Fleas hatch every 9 days, repeat then. To keep them from devoring me, I use a natural insect repellent, Greenerways Insect Repellent, that I get on Amazon. It is citronella, lemongrass and cedar oil.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jun 28, 2018
    Borax will help repel most bugs.. put under sinks, sprinkle in carpets and surround the exterior.

  • Connie Dewberry Connie Dewberry on Jun 28, 2018
    Dawn dishsoap and water in a spray bottle will kill fleas I use combat roach traps and they seem to work for me