Our garden is loaded with ticks! What to do?

i would love our grandkids to play out there but we cannot because of our tick

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  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Jul 01, 2018
    Start by buying some dry ice. You can probably get it at a liquor store or pharamacy. This is not regular ice, it's dry ice. You'll need a piece about the size of a 8 inch round and about 4 inches high. Place this in the center of your yard. Ticks are attracted by white colors. Wait a couple of hours, check the ice and spray with commercial tick spray, if you see any. Home Depot or Lowe's should have this. Check every couple of hours. Make sure you clean any brush, leaves, twigs, they like to hide in these places. I suggest you buy a tick tweezer at your pharmacy. Also wear pants tucked in socks, and a long sleeve shirt. The tick tweezer will tell you how to pull out a tick. If you have animals, check them also. Ticks like to hide in warm places to suck blood. Check the groin area, under arms, the head. Check everywhere.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jul 01, 2018
    Since most people are reluctant to use sprays, there comes a time when you just have to...and this is one of the times you need to act. They will be brought inside. Get a tick spray and spray your yard!

  • Sjt29229935 Sjt29229935 on Jul 02, 2018
    i know I will catch a mountain of rebuke for this comment, but people count too. When I was a kid, back in the dark ages, every summer a truck or plane would come and spray the neighborhoods for mosquitoes and bugs. I know, I know, OMG!!! Sorry but it was wonderful being able to enjoy the outdoors without fear. Amazingly, we are all alive and so are the flora and fauna. I am tired of beig a hermit and scared to death for myself and family to go outside. I honestly think we need to consider bring that method back for a year or two to get a grip on the tick and mosquito population that has gotten so drastically out of control. Too many people are facing a life of misery because of Lyme disease. And more people die of mosquito born disease than anyone realizes. I love nature very much too and don't want to do harm, but this has gotten completely out of control and human life is as valuable as that of other species, as well. Something needs to be done to stop these blood sucking, disease carrying insects and fast as the danger is already way out of control.

  • 1401470 1401470 on Jul 02, 2018
    Well depending on where you live guinea (Birds) will eat ticks right up.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jun 14, 2021

    Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. Chickens and guinea pigs love eating ticks and fleas, perhaps you can get a few? If you can't keep them in your yard, you can also use diatomaceous earth. This article will give you more information on why and how it works - https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/what-is-diatomaceous-earth