Paint my front door without all the bugs and lizards ?

Debby Weisman
by Debby Weisman
Front door needs to be painted ! Lizards, water bugs, everything wants to get in the house here even wasps so how can I leave my door open ? Maybe a tarp but how can I hang this on the frame ?

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  • Allison Allison on Feb 26, 2018

    You can use a suspension rod.

  • Sandy Sandy on Feb 26, 2018

    Use gorilla tape or duct tape it won't take the paint off. Lizard are good in the house they kill the other bugs. I live in Florida also.

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Feb 26, 2018

    For about $8 at Walmart you can get one of those Velcro screen doors That has magnets to keep it closed.

  • Susan krom Susan krom on Feb 26, 2018

    Yes, the magnet screens are best for this and you can still exit yourself and pets can too until you want to close the door. I have seen them for as low as 5 bucks!