Pest in my garden

Found those creatures in my garden on my baby apple tree . Nasty ugly and scary
a size of a thumb
Do you know what is it
q pest in my garden
q pest in my garden
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  • Znu28937315 Znu28937315 on Aug 13, 2017
    It looks like a Saddleback Caterpillar and yes they are nasty critters. Here is the link to the Wikipedia information.
    I have no idea how you would rid yourself of these nasty little pests, but I'm sure one of the local pest control businesses can help. :)

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 13, 2017
    yep it's a saddleback. They have a sting.

    • Beverly Payne Beverly Payne on Aug 14, 2017
      They sting and like to hide under leaves. I got stung trimming hedges and it radiated up my whole arm. Extremely painful.

  • Francisco37388 Francisco37388 on Aug 13, 2017
    I agree with Sharon. Saddleback caterpillar thingie. It will sting you multiple times and hurt like the blazes for several days. Get rid of it and avoid it as much as possible.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 13, 2017
    Boy I sure would like to see what kind of butterfly/moth this catapiller would be. Put in a shoe box with a twig and some leaves and let it become a crystalis,

  • Adamtombar Adamtombar on Aug 13, 2017
    Thanks . You are correct, last week i moved the baby apple tree to a lighter aria and touched the stem , and something stung me so bed that it hurts for a week . And today I saw some holes on the leaves : Ahhha - saw those monster . They were executed . Do not need aliens in my garden

  • AK Child AK Child on Aug 13, 2017
    We can teach the kids in our lives to respect nature - just like we teach them to look both ways before crossing the street and that the world is full of marvels that are very different than us - and what great pleasure can be had in proper observation.

    We humans have some pretty scary beliefs - thinking it is our right never to be given a moment of inconvenience by other creatures that may get
    in our way . . . We then have a sense of accomplishment and pride on having bravely dominated and eliminated a ' monster'.
    Those 'ugly nasty alien monsters'- were just going about the business of not being eaten so they could grow up - who knows their role in the ecology they are trying to survive in ? Are they also responsible for getting in the way of the multiple human colonies that have eliminated their original habitat and food sources ?

    Could they not be carefully re- located where no one will bump into them ? Were those 'alien monsters' chasing people down like a nest of disturbed hornets or flying and jumping around sucking blood like fleas and mosquitoes ?

    We share this place with creatures so fantastical as the picture you posted and for a lot us they look crazy cool - especially after we have now learned not to touch them . . . So Thank You - I will think twice about touching any hairy caterpillar now !!

  • Bonny Crawford Bonny Crawford on Dec 22, 2018

    We should be careful when dealing with saddleback caterpillars as there sting can cause an intense pain and even feelings of sickness from the poison injected. Spray insecticides on infested plant or trees to eliminate or reduce the caterpillars. Kids and pets must be kept away. If still the infestation persist it is better to consult the professionals like Pest Exterminators Lincoln CA and take their help. This would also ensure your safety.

  • Minnie Do Minnie Do on Apr 25, 2019

    I have seen this in my friend's house too.

  • Columbia GB Columbia GB on Apr 25, 2019

    Wow. So beautiful. I've never seen one of these. Good to know not to touch! Here's what the moth looks like.