Recurring weeds- How do you get rid of spurdge/burr ivy?

How do you get rid of spurdge, or I call it burr ivy. It produces those little round burrs. I use pre-imergent annually and weed and feed about 3 times a year and they keep coming back. Help.....
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  • Betsy Betsy on Jun 18, 2017
    When you see the leaves, get a product called Ground Clear or Weed Killer. Then, get a little foam brush and paint the undersides of the leaves, as many as you can reach. Don't let the product drip on the ground or it will kill everything it reaches. This will cause the plant to take the poison to the roots and not bother other plants around. It may take a while to get rid of all of the the Spurdge, but it should work on this and even poison ivy. Actually any plant you want to get rid of. Good luck.

  • I just dig it out. Weeds fly willy nilly through the air and sprout constantly. It is just nature's way.

    • Elizabeth Elizabeth on Jun 18, 2017
      Stop feeding them and treat them in the fall and winter when they are in there dormant stage