What can I do about termites?

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  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on May 29, 2017
    Have you tried teminador foam? When you need an indoor solution for a termite infestation, then this interior foam is an effective solution. It can be immediately used and works very well in wall voids and spot treatments on tough subterranean infestations. This treatment has even been approved to be applied in restaurants and other food or feed handling buildings, so it can work in virtually any home to help eliminate a tough termite problem. Make sure to seal up the void after a treatment is applied, however, so pets and kids don’t get into it. One can of foam goes a long, long way.

  • Shirley Heikkinen Shirley Heikkinen on May 29, 2017
    If you can see termites or their tunnels, there are likely 10X as many you can't see! Call a professional and have it over in one application, inside and out.

  • Call the pros, you just might have them in areas you do not even know about . . . Yet and by the time you do . . . $$$$

  • Helen Helen on Jun 05, 2017
    Wanda, call an exterminator. Don't try doing it yourself.

  • Evette Samuel Evette Samuel on Jun 05, 2017
    Yes, I agree this is a job for a professional. The exterminator will know where to look and be able to advise you on the clean up and ongoing prevention.