What is the best weed killer?

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  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Dec 06, 2017
    it really depends on what you want to kill -- Poison Ivy will require a different chemical base than Dandelions or grass -- read the labels or ask at a good garden supply center -- that specializes in yard/garden things -- not a 'big box' store that sells everything from soup to nuts

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 06, 2017
    Depends on where and what weeds you are trying to get rid of

  • Sherri Onorato Sherri Onorato on Dec 06, 2017
    I havent found one but... Lately after I weed I put layers of newspaper on freshly weeded area and then gravel or mulch and it helps prevent weeds for at least 2 years!

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 06, 2017
    If your looking your a home made weed killer? I have tried them all, spent a fortune on vinegar and salt and tried a combination of both either by themselves or mixed together! As many that say you need salt in your vinegar, I noticed no differenice! Vinegar actually looked like it was killing weeds! Then later I noticed the same weed actually growing back! I believe the vinegar just burns the plant but doesn’t kill the roots and I poured lots of vinegar on these weeds to see if I could kill them? No such luck, threw a lot of money and wasted time with DIY weed killers, don’t bother! Save your money and time!
    Now as far as store bought weed killers goes, none of them work even half as good as they use to with the strick environmental laws they came up with several years back! But with that being said, all work about the same whether you buy a name brand or another brand you never heard of before? Sometimes the biggest difference is one you may see the weed dying the next day where other products you might think isn’t working at all till a week or so goes by and suddenly you notice your weeds are turning brown!
    Which poison to get deoends on the weed you’re trying to kill? If it’s legal in your area or if your close enough to another state where it is legal to buy and you don’t mind bending the law a bit? You can’t beat Crossbow for broad leaf plants from my experienc. Small leaf plants can be killed by many diffrent products. Also depends if your wanting to kill everything or trying to kill a weed in the middle of your beautiful yard of green grass? Some products are designed to save your grass but still kill certain weeds! While others like All Vegetation Killers will kill everything it touches!
    Bottom line is read the directions of every poison your considering to buy and make sure it’s really what your looking for to do exactly what you’re wanting to do? Some will have a certain list of weeds and plants it will kill.
    I use all vegetation killer in driveway and sidewalks! This stuff use to work for 5 years, but now they’ve had to weaken the product to make the invioremenal jokers happy and it only last a year at best!. I would even question the year claim? All and all consumers in many states really don’t have many choices any more, you buy what you can get and hope for the best! Don’t be afraid to try the less expensive products either, they do work just take more time to see results! I bought some poison on clearance at WalMart last summer dirt cheap that was supposed to cover 250 sq ft. and I bought both bottles they had! At first I thought it wasn’t working! A couple weeks and I really couldn’t tell if anything was happening? Then one day I noticed everything turned brown! So be patient! Good luck and happy weed killing! LOL

  • Fred King Fred King on Dec 06, 2017
    For spot treatment? Nothing as simple or quick as plain boiling water. Turn on the stove or write a note to take water when it's boiled out in a teapot or any other container then pour the scalding liquid on the exposed base of the plant. Put the pot back on the stove.

    Next problem, please. Do this for the first time and you'll feel so empowered with no simpler solution (pun intended.)

  • Laura Wands Laura Wands on Dec 06, 2017
    The best weed killer I’ve found is boiling water. No chemicals. i wont use anything that hurts my bees😀 Just plain water, nothing added. I make sure I pour the boiling water on the ground to completely cover the root. Works every time( does nothing to keep them from coming back, but I’d rather use this than chemicals-& I do understand everyone won’t agree with me).