Asked on Jun 25, 2017

What can i use to remove trees growing in my gutters 20ft up?

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  • Marilyn Zaruba Marilyn Zaruba on Jun 25, 2017

    Unless you feel very safe on very tall ladders, I would hire people who do this kind of work. Just google gutter cleaners in your area.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jun 25, 2017

    If you can open a window near the tree on the second floor, get a pole trimmer, and prune away. I also borrow my friends pole chain saw each year to trim stuff away from the house. And I'm 70, but I don't get up on ladders over 6' anymore.

  • Suzanne Kaiser Mulloy Suzanne Kaiser Mulloy on Jun 26, 2017

    The trees are growing because the gutters have a layer of dirt in them. If you don't get them cleaned they will eventually clog and you will have water leaks into your house. Best to hire a professional to do this.

  • Cori Widen Cori Widen on Jun 26, 2017

    I would at least have a professional come look and then you can decide what to do based on their feedback! Good luck!

  • Hea26094011 Hea26094011 on Jun 26, 2017

    there is a "kills everything" liquid available at Tractor Supply, called Wisdom.

    trineed to only spray the leaves. Give it 24 hours. I agree you need to get the dirt

    out of the gutters. A hose and good flushing every several months.