What can you do too protect animals from eating your upcoming veggies?

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  • KayHomeTalk KayHomeTalk on Jun 07, 2017
    I like to use blood meal sprinkled around the border of my garden. If it rains, I re-apply.

  • Dot Dot on Jun 07, 2017
    Presuming it's a dedicated garden, build a fence from chicken wire or small grid wire. Wire would need to stretch across the top, too. If real small, how about a window frame tent leaving the glass in it. I saw that used as a tiny green house for seedlings. Fill in with wire on the ends that can be swung out of the way for tending plants.

  • Aprlsonshine Aprlsonshine on Jun 07, 2017
    My daughter found out that black pepper deters rabbits from areas in her apartment; possibly it will deter animals from your garden and be harmless. Maybe season the veggies early LOL :). It is worth trying. I used broken egg shells to keep slugs from eating the fresh shoots of my plants in the garden. Hope this helps a bit. Sandy

  • Marcie Marcie on Jun 07, 2017
    I have found that using multiple techniques - and rotating them- is the most effective of all. Each idea is good, but really persistent animals will sometimes figure them out. The fence idea (chicken wire on a small edging fence is what I do, but I don't have deer) is good. Plastic forks in the ground for rabbits and smaller animals. Black pepper - yes! My very fave is making a spray- I use cayenne pepper, hot peppers, eggs (rabbits don't like protein), and anything else hot. Blend with water. STrain with cheesecloth, then spray! Spray again after it rains, and weekly.

  • Tricia Tricia on Jun 07, 2017
    I use moth balls in my garde