What is the best way (Proven) to get rid of stink bugs?

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  • Blu6688161 Blu6688161 on Jun 15, 2017
    Thank you.

  • SandyG SandyG on Jun 15, 2017
    I hesitate to write this, but it worked for us, after 5-6 yrs of fighting stink bugs. I am talking an infestation. We tried it all, spring was coming 2017 and we knew the fight would start again. We read about Neem Oil, ordered it from Amazon, DH mixed according to packaging. He sprayed attic, around outside or house and under the house. Thus far, we have had very, very few. We both wonder was it the Neem Oil or was it time for the stink bugs to leave our area. Not sure, but we have no stink bugs for the first time in 5-6 years. And it helps with other insects.

  • Blu6688161 Blu6688161 on Jun 15, 2017
    At this point I will try anything, My daughter is deathly afraid of them. And that's the one room where they are ( Her's) Thank you so very much. Happy to hear you finally have peace.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Jun 16, 2017
    Neem oil is amazing!

  • Tiggers mom Tiggers mom on Jun 16, 2017
    I keep an empty water filled half way with dish soap like dawn could not backspace to add water bottle and if using indoors I went and bought a wooden toe (its supposed to be TOAST) tongs and pick up the stink bugs and drop in the bottle and they will die worked for me