What is the best way to get rid of cockroaches?

I have used traps, sprays including mists for bathrooms, diatomaceous earth....most have gone away, but there are still a few left which continue reproducing.
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  • Judy Ferrell Judy Ferrell on May 30, 2017
    try putting out borax powder around the house

  • Joanie Joanie on May 30, 2017
    I lived in MS. for a long 7 yrs. with roaches.......little ones, medium size and the big Palmetto bug. They are hell on wheels! They sneak out at night and carry your house, almost......to the next street. I used borax powder.....forget it!!!!. They will come up your drains , get into cereal and any food sitting out. Here is the best way, trust me. All cereals in plastic containers.....keep seasonings in the frig., do not leave garbage in your house, take it to dumpster and certainly do NOT leave coke cans that are empty around. Leave NO food out on counters or in sight. We rented and got sprayed in the house, once a month. What does that do? Your NEIGHBORS knew,.....the roaches ran next door!!! You MUST KEEP a spray for them. If you see 1 roach, they have at least 10 to follow. YOU MUST keep your house Roach free and the only thing I can HONESTLY tell you is.........MOVE!!! They live in the ground and wherever........THEY WILL make your home theirs!!

  • Kcg23459616 Kcg23459616 on Jun 04, 2017
    excellent advice, Theduke1234 - they are also imune to radiation :(

  • Bj Blyth Bj Blyth on Jun 06, 2017
    Home Defense spray works really well.

  • Tina M Ramirez Tina M Ramirez on Jun 06, 2017
    My mom and sisters spray called Bengal. Works great