What's the best DIY....roach killer

  3 answers
  • Carol Marszalek Carol Marszalek on Jun 24, 2018
    Eddy, I found Boric Acid powder most effective. Just a small line along the back side of cabinets, closets, and baseboard.

  • LK_da_hobby_gal LK_da_hobby_gal on Jun 25, 2018
    If you want pet/child friendly roach killer, food-grade diatomaceous earth is the best all natural roach/bug killer around. They ingest it and it dehydrates them until they die out. Food-grade will not harm your pets or your children. Prices will vary so shop around.

    Borax is good but not pet or kid friendly if ingested. It is very economical if you have no pets or kids around though.

  • Eddy Bailey Eddy Bailey on Jun 26, 2018
    Do roach bombs and foggers work?