5 Windex Uses & Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know About

by Home.by.hand

Did you know there are so many uses for Windex glass cleaner? You can do so much more with this cleaner than just cleaning windows! Here are five surprising Windex hacks to make your life easier.

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Windex uses and hacks
Cleaning jewelry with Windex

1. Cleaning nonporous jewelry and stones

Do not use this cleaner on your opaque stones (like opals or pearls) or porous metals. Use this on hard stones and metals and they will shine them up great. Buff the stone using a soft cloth.

Applying Windex to a pimple

2. Dry up a pimple

Spot treat a pimple with Windex and a cotton swab. This cleaner contains ammonia and alcohol which are both great for drying out those blemishes.

Using Windex to repel ants

3. Have ants?

I can personally attest to this one. Windex will kill ants and other little bugs in your house– INSTANTLY. Put some in a small bowl and it will attract the bugs and drown them.

Spraying Windex on a bug bite

4. Got a bug bite that’s swelling up?

Spray Windex on the bite. It’s a fast way to reduce the sting and swelling from a bee sting. Just be sure to take the stinger out first.

Unsticking a ring with Windex

5. Ring too tight?

Windex to the rescue. No one knows why this works, but try it and you’ll see how easy the ring slides off.

Do you love these Windex hacks? I’m sure there are more Windex hacks that you can let us know about in the comments. Also, let me know if you’ve used these Windex fixes!

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  • Ell7916395 Ell7916395 on Mar 11, 2024
    Does it kill plant gnats?
  • Ellen Ellen on Mar 11, 2024
    Yes I will try it. Does it have to specifically be Windex brand? I have others that are not Windex in particular. But I assume it’s pretty much the same.
  • Mar100708198 Mar100708198 on Mar 14, 2024
    Does Windex glass cleaner kill roaches? If yes, does it kill them on the spot?
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  • Kassi Kassi on Mar 13, 2024
    Wish I had known the hack to remove too tight rings earlier!
    I add some Windex to the hot water in my steam cleaner & then clean my carpets as usual; it works wonders at removing spots & stains 👍🏼