20,000+ gallon pond by TJB-INC located in Guilford, CT

This pond was built right up against the natural rock outcroppings and up to the Japanese style house. The pond has (6) 3.5' long imported KOI that are hand fed right out through the bedroom windows. The water is held in by an painted on black epoxy liner that goes from waterline to waterline. The black color gives the pond the look of infinite depth and makes the colors of the KOI really pop. Adequate filtration and a planted bog keep the water very clean & clear. Overflow pipes and an automatic waterfill keep the water at the perfect level all year round. We harvest between 300 - 500 baby KOI every 2 years. The rooms in the house around the pond are sunken 4' below water level. Open a window and you can reach out and touch the water from every room adjacent to the pond. The home owner swims in the pond with the fish when he is in the mood. TJB-INC comes every spring to clean and tweek the pond & filters. Customer comes to our Hamden,CT store to pick-up Aquascape Premium Fish Food in 44lb sacks.
This gorgeous house sits on a private road on the Guilford harbor. See photos for ocean view from front porch.

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  • In a pond with fish, mosquitoes are not a problem, they are a snack. If the pond has movement (IE Waterfall & skimmer), then any mosquito larva will drown. They need still stagnate bodies of water to survive.
  • Betty Betty on Aug 31, 2012
    For Douglas,Thanks for your help,Betty