A Beautiful Spot to Enjoy the Outdoors -- Without Breaking the Bank

If you are looking for a way to have somewhere beautiful to enjoy your own piece of the outdoors -- without breaking the bank -- you are not alone. When looking to have an affordable backyard retreat, some sort of water feature is usually high on the list. With pools expensive to build and maintain, one rising trend is finding a creative way to install the very cost-friendly portable hot tub.
However, many things come up when considering where and how to position the portable hot tub, says Deck and Patio’s Outdoor Living Expert, Bill Renter. One consideration might be wanting the spa close to the house for ease of use; another could be privacy concerns. Also, taking into account what the views from the hot tub will be is key -- you probably don’t want to be facing your home’s siding when relaxing in its soothing waters.
Beyond these standard factors, many spa owners consider how the spa, itself, will look, as well as how easy will it be to get in and out. For these reasons, some clients want to install their new hot tub in the ground. To do this, we suggest the following tips on how to creatively position a new portable spa.
Budget-Friendly Backyard Retreat
For this project, the husband wanted a pond, while the wife wanted spa. So they got both. In fact, installing this spa entirely in-ground was a particularly inspired choice by the homeowners, because it was done as part of an overall new backyard retreat, which included a new pond and waterfall feature. The pond, and in-ground installation of a portable spa, were still less expensive than a large pool.
Installing Portable Spa In-Ground
A portable spa unit is self contained. This means everything needed to operate it is included within the spa itself, which is partially what makes them so cost-friendly. It also means that wherever it is positioned, water from the rain must be free to drain away from the hot tub. If it can’t escape, the plumbing could get damaged.
So when positioning it in-ground, the hot tub plumbing equipment needs to be removed and protected above ground, where it is also accessible for any future repairs or adjustments.
Spa Vaults
The homeowners had an existing paver patio. Long Island Hot Tub built the spa next to the patio, in the ground using a Bullfrog Spa “Spa Vault” which excavates the area and put walls around spa. The spa vault ensures the installation we did was done correctly, safely, and in a way that enhances the aesthetic design of their yard. The kit is galvanized steel, the same rated metal used for years in the pool industry, so it will not corrode and will stand the test of time.
Natural Looking Backyard Retreat
This project included a natural looking waterfall feature with the pond, moss rock boulders and lush landscaping around the pond and spa. We used Aquascape Inc.‘s water systems, which included high efficiency pumps, skimmers, biological filters etc.
The clients’ “in-tub views” are spectacular; they also enjoy wonderful hydrotherapy options due to Bullfrog Spa’s individual, inter-changeable massage JetPaks, which our clients say, always hit the spot.

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