A few photos of a recent installation of ours.

With the cold weather now here (temp this morning was 22 degrees), why not enjoy a nice water feature with surrounding stonework. What was a fairly barren backyard slope is now defined by a retaining wall with natural stone veneer and a large water feature. The homeowner is a Master Gardener and looks forward to adding plants when the weather warms up come spring. We used some fairly large boulder in the water feature in order to maintain scale and proportion in the large space. In one of the photos, you can see one of Southern Trillium's lead guys stepping off some of the rocks during construction. This fellow is 6' 4" tall to give a sense of scale. We spent a lot of time in the planning of the waterfall to guarantee that the final placement of the large boulders would allow us to move the water in a different patterns and angles. Hope you enjoy the photos!
A look at the completed waterfall and walls. The next photo is a before photo from near the same angle.
Before photo. We painted the white lines to show the homeowners the basic placement of the walls and waterfall. It also served as a guide for us during the excavation.
Another look at completion.
Before photo from near the same angle as the preceeding completed photo.
For a sense of scale, Luke, seen in the photo, is 6' 4".
The view along the entire wall leading to the waterfall.
Closer view of the waterfall and pond.
Detail view of the waterfall.
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