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Aquascapes East was called in to advise and help out with this old concrete pond. These clients couldn’t even run this feature for a couple of hours without the water disappearing. This pond had outdated pool pumps and pool filtration so that even when they would run this feature, when trying to relax or entertain outside, the old noisy equipment would make them wish they hadn’t bothered. With the clients not wanting to make the investment in a new water feature Aquascapes East set to work re-vamping the old one.
The original water fall was a concrete channel with large boulders. It was likely the source of the leaking because no water was lost from the pond below unless this old waterfall was running.  Leaks would get searched out and fixed, where possible.  The falls would also be slightly modified allowing more waterfalls to be seen from a distance.
Removing the rocks along the edge of the old pond to make room for the new wetland filter.
With the edge rocks removed two pump vaults were added to the interior of the old concrete pond.  Notice the two plastic towers on the opposite side of the pond?  Reaching all the way to the bottom these allow pumps to draw water from the bottom of the pond to be recirculated.  Rock boulders will completely disguise these hard plastic shells into the pond edge.
Flexible PVC pipe will be plumbed into each vault. Tight fitting lids allow easy access for maintenance.  These lids will be covered with a thin layer of gravel so they blend into their surroundings but are easily exposed with just a few swipes of the hand.
The waterfall for the wetland is constructed right next to the vaults in the pond.
The wetland also utilizes one of these vaults.  This vault is for clean-out purposes, however.  Every 3-4 years this wetland will be emptied, flushed clean and refilled.  This vault reaches the deepest point in the wetland and will make it easy to pump out every bit of debris trapped by this natural filter.
Water rises up through these tough plastic boxes, called Aquablox.  The layers of gravel on top of this area disperse the water and trap sediment.
Rock boulders are used to blend the new wetland with the old pond and the landscape surrounding this feature.
Seeing the wetland in mid construction may not look beauty waiting to happen…
Aquatic plants are planted directly into the layers of gravel within the wetland.  Wetland filtration utilizes aquatic plants to clean and clarify the water. The natural appearance is a great added bonus.

No pool equipment filtration ever looked this good. Beautiful, natural, efficient.  Wetland filtration is the best improvement any pond could hope for.
It never takes long for native wildlife to discover the new source of water in the neighborhood.  Consequently close behind are the inquisitive minds of adventurous children.  Discovering the backyard pond is a great way to teach children the joys of nature.
With large gaps around every corner making this old feature water-tight again is going to be a chore.
Filling these gaps with expandable waterfall foam seals the deal.  Over time some of these areas may need to be re-foamed but the cost of some extra foam is much less than the cost of building a brand new waterfall.
A new happy, healthy and most importantly LEAK-FREE feature is a flourishing home for fishy friends once again.  
Many places had received skim coat patches that had to be removed to expose underlying cracks.   
A new happy, healthy and most importantly LEAK-FREE feature is a flourishing home for fishy friends once again.  

Suggested materials:

  • Rocks and Gravel
  • Wetland Filtration

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