Connecting Rain Barrels For Extra Water Harvesting

RGG started carrying rain barrels in the Spring of 2012. Since experiencing how great they are, we decided to take it to the next level. Instead of having the water from the roof fill into just one rain barrel, we decided to connect the gutter downspout to four 55 gallon drums that are hidden under the deck.
The connections were done mainly with PVC piping. All of the barrels are equipped with overflows so they can flow easily into the next rain barrel and for maximum water capacity. A garden hose is connected with a spigot that actually now goes underground, across the yard and out to the garden. Since the garden is lower than the rain barrels, there is a good amount of water pressure; although it is not enough to power a watering sprinkler, it can spray a nice distance.
The rain water collected from off the roof helps plants and flowers grow bigger, faster and better and has done wonders for our garden. Hose water contains chlorine and fluoride which would have hindered their growth.
Hope this inspired some fellow HomeTalkers!
~Ben N.

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