Fish bowl on your pond! Cool idea!

I like this idea and can see lots of different applications for this style! What do you think of it?

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  • John John on Mar 05, 2017
    Where did you get the sphere?

  • Mike Mike on Jun 27, 2017
    How do you get water in sphere

    • Rebecca York Sherwood Rebecca York Sherwood on Oct 11, 2017
      Sphere sits on a pedestol at top of waterline. Add-A-Sphere comes with a piece of pvc with bend. Put bend in sphere and put vacuum cleaner or shop vac hose on end and sill suck air out snd wster in
      Or just put hose inside top to suck air out-stop before water gets in hose!

  • Llm33453600 Llm33453600 on Jun 23, 2018

    How do u do this and where do u buy the sphere?

  • Llm33453600 Llm33453600 on Jun 24, 2018

    Where do I get that bowl?????

  • Peter Freeston Peter Freeston on Oct 01, 2020

    what happened when it freezes

    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for viewing this and your question!

      This application is best removed for winter. It's normally best to install the globe in a fashion that is able to be removed and periodically cleaned during the season to remove bio-film build-up much like an indoor aquarium does when not cleaned. They do involve maintenance, however, can be quite worth the time for this dramatic effect!

      Feel free to visit to see more unique ideas like these or to contact us directly as well.

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  • Anne Anne on Apr 10, 2015
    Where can you get these globes?

  • Kar Kar on Aug 05, 2015
    I found a tall clear glass cylinder at the thrift store and used it in my fish tank. I filled it to the brim with water then placed a small piece of plastic on top to hold the water in while I inverted the cylinder and placed it on bricks in the tank. (Quite a feat, I can tell you!) Once in place, I slid the plastic off and the cylinder remained full of water. The goldfish loved it. They would race up and down the cylinder or hang out at the top watching out the window. It doubled their swimming space, they could come and go as they pleased, and it was this traveling back and forth that kept the water "exchanged". It lasted a long time between cleanings, but it did have to be periodically cleaned. During one of these cleanings, it broke... I don't know who was more saddened by it ... me or the fish.