From a Pile of Cobbles to a Beautiful Pondless Waterfall

How about celebrating the 4th of July with a new water feature? This family moved into a new home with an existing water feature. Needless to say, it looked like Pebbles Flintstone had built it as her playground. With a complete rebuild, the family now has a beautiful, natural looking pondless water fall that even includes a pool for water lilies! Cobbles were removed and beautiful Colorado moss rock was installed. Marginal plants helped soften the edges and areas of mulch surround the feature now that the homeowners will plants with perennials. Quite a transformation!
We were originally called out to replace a broken autofill and install some aquatic plants. This homeowner was trying her best to beautify an existing nightmare!
Besides having too many rocks, it was unsafe to walk on as none of the rocks were large enough to be anchored into the ground!
Mulch, different size of rock and aquatic plants makes this a natural looking waterfall. Almost looks like one you would see hiking in Colorado's mountains!
The pool for the water lilies is a unique twist in a pondless waterfall. This means the low maintenance of the pondless is combined with the beauty of blooming lilies!
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