Happy Fall Wreath Using Pool Noodles and Coffee Filters

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No need to buy supplies for this project - you probably already have them!
You will need a total of four noodles.
Duct tape two together to form a circle.
Duct tape the other two together to form a circle that fits inside the first circle. You will have to cut off some noodle from the second set so it fits inside the first.
Duct tape both noodle circles together.
Set your wreath form aside.
What colors do you want for your wreath? I choose yellow, orange and white.

Any color other than white or brown (the colors coffee filter come in) will need to be dyed. I used Rit dye because I wanted a strong color. If you want a softer color, you can use food coloring.

Pour the dye into a bowl filled with water and mix well.
Separate the filters and place them into the bowl with the dye.
Allow them to soak for the desired amount of time. The longer they soak, the deeper the color.
Remove the filters and squeeze out the excess water.
The filters will need to dry. I hung mine on clothesline in our garage. The dye may drip off the filters so make sure you cover the floor underneath your lines.
You are going to attach the filters onto the pool noodles.
Lay your dry, open filter on a flat surface.
Fold it in half
Fold it in half again
Fold it in half a third time.
Apply hot glue to the pointed tip and fold up.
When the glue has dried, fluff the coffee filters by gently pulling on them.
Begin to apply the "fluffed" filters along the outside edge, working your way around the wreath.
Continue to add filters, filling any holes between filters as you fill your wreath.

Glue a string to the back of the wreath and hang.

For this wreath, I used 500 coffee filters total; however, if you do not want such a large wreath, cut your pool noodles smaller. By doing that, you will use less coffee filters.
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