Indoor Water Walls

Water walls can be tailored to fit any size wall. They can also be created as Stand-alone pieces of art. Here we take a look at some stunning water walls that will probably result in you replacing a painting or two.
Indoor Water Walls

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  • Terri J Terri J on Aug 04, 2012
    I just had to tell you I just saw a feature like this in a New York City home. Oh, how I wish my neice was done with college - lol.
  • on Aug 04, 2012
    Terri they really are a sight to behold. I honestly can't thing of anything more soothing to the soul that the sound of running water. I love being around streams and water fall, it's just so relaxing. At least now you have a goal and you know what your next project will be once your niece finishes college ;) Have a great day Terri.