My husband and I built this pond from below ground up! It took us three summers to build the pond(s) and another summer to build the pump house. There are two small ponds up above & a bog garden! There are seven waterfalls going into the large pond below. The windows light up at night - we have them on a timer. We have approx. 32 Koi in the large pond. The water wheel is made out of an old combine wheel - we welded buckets on it!
This photo was taken just as evening was coming on. I'm not a photographer, but this turned out really great! I entered the picture at the fair, but a cat took 1st and a skyscraper took 2nd. oh well!
Overview during daylight hours. We've done more landscaping around the pond now than shows here.
Door to pump house. Made from oak crates. It weighs 195 lbs.
Some of the Koi in pond!
Water Iris and water lilies

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  • YmooRe YmooRe on Apr 22, 2015
    Do you buy new KOI every summer? I am in AWE...really, how wonderful to sit by this in the evening.
    • Joyce Joyce on May 01, 2015
      @YmooRe We have the same Koi all year. One end of the pond is deep enough they survive all winter. We keep an aerator going to keep a hole in the ice to let the gases out! We do have to clean it every spring though.
  • Kathy Cummings Huffman Kathy Cummings Huffman on Jun 12, 2015
    Oh wow, I was admiring your beyond beautiful pond & thinking must be in some hoity toity city. Then I see you are in Billings! We live in Harlo & have family in Billings! That is so gorgeous! I can just imagine sitting out by this in the summer after work, enjoying a big glass of tea :) Nice work Joyce!