Nature Scapes Ecosystem Pond Transforms Yard Adding Curbside Appeal in NH

Imagine as you are walking down a suburban sidewalk you are enveloped in a fragrant breeze on which ride the sounds of classical masters. Soon the scented classical air brings you to a cacophony of color amidst the soothing sounds of water. In real life you've arrived at a beautiful home in Penacook NH. A uniquely magical place where the garden oozes onto the street inviting you to follow the wide stone steps and explore the yard...or pause for a moment and enjoy the tranquil waterfeature. The owners have designed it this way. The destination of friends, families and garden club tours every flower, stone piece of artwork has its own story, unique arrangement, and tantalizing aura urging you to take another step, to slow down, to stop and explore all the intricate details.
While many landscapes are designed with impressive drive by views and stunning arrangements this yard is different. Undoubtedly captivating as you walk or drive by--it begs you to stop.
All this beauty and yet the homeowners decided something was missing from their suburban home.
Where once a long piece of lawn stretched from the front door down to the sidewalk verdent green beneath a huge norway maple, a "spring" was dug from which two streams flow forming breath taking waterfalls as they duck through tree remains spill over falls and tumble into a tranquil pool of koi, lotus and lilies.
Built just two weeks before it was to be the "Garden of Destination" every detail had to be on point. Moss and lichen covered stones reach from the waters edge to mossy logs overhung by pendulant blossoms--after only a two days of work the feature appeared aged and well settled into the landscape.
Now there is a new reason to stop, another reason to stroll by the neighbors on Saturday morning--Verdant lawn turned aquatic paradise.
Built by Nature Scapes,
Where there was once only lawn an ecosystem pond created a paradise.
natural log waterfalls add curb appeal to this NH yard transformed by water.

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