Pond Stream and Cambridge patio project in Shoreham Long Island

Ecosystem pond built for one of our favorite customers. The almost hired the guy that uses on large flat piece of bluestone to create the spill from the waterfall. Doesn't all matching stone look so much better?
25' x 12 pond
Rock sofa!
Stone bridge
Large mossrock waterfall
Stream going into pond
Small waterfall and stream

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  • Solar Flair Lighting Solar Flair Lighting on Sep 17, 2013
    Beautiful. Love blue stone, we're putting in water garden with small waterfall next year and yep, it will feature bluestone. For smaller waterfalls and special effects, try solar pumps. While you have to be careful to design pond gardens using solar and LEDs, you'll not only save a TON of money upfront and long-term on utility bills (some electric water fall pumps cost 80-100 bucks per month to run.)
  • Kelp4Less Kelp4Less on Sep 17, 2013
    This is beautiful!!! I love the rock sofa, and yes, the matching stones look amazing! Great job you guys!