Want to see an awesome pool and spa in a small backyard?

Pool and Spa project in Huntington Long Island. Pool is 16' x 36' in this small back yard. The was a 7' elevation change in this small yard. We pulled the pool out of the ground 16" to create a seatwall, and used large boulders and plants to hold bac the grade and soften the hard boulders. The job site was so small that we had to partially build the pool, install boulders. slide, and waterfall, and then complete the pool wall construction (see construction photos)
Pool and Spa in small backyard with large boulders Aquascape waterfall, and landscaping
Bullfrog spa hidden in the boulders and landscaping
Boulders, stacked bluestone and Unilock pavers
Moss rock boulder steps and landscaping
Bullfrog spa built into boulders and colorful plantings
Stepping stone path through garden at the pool
Gas fire pit integrated into the pool wall, using stacked bluestone and moss rock boulders
Swimming pool "Pulled up" out of the patio to create a seatwall so friends can sit right at the waters edge.
Moss rock waterfall with sweet potato vine
Pool slide into this vinyl pool and spa
3-D design "before" concept. Looks pretty close to the real thing!
Construction shot of moss rock boulders and stepping stones
Construction shot of moss rock boulders being set on the moss rock waterfall
Construction shot of moss rock boulders being installed on the wall of the pool

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