Aquatic plants can make or break the beauty in your pond!

Rocky Mountain WaterScape can design a water feature for every budget and location, from small cascading fountains and simple Koi ponds to meandering streams and mega waterfalls. Our proven techniques, backed by 12 years of experience, can turn your project into an aquatic paradise, satisfying the requirements that are associated with creating actual streams, falls, or ponds. Check out our website for more before and after water feature photos:
A lush Greenwood Village, CO pond
Before this pond was planted!
Even their pup, Milo, enjoys his pond

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  • Monday West Monday West on Oct 19, 2014
    What a nice piece of art! I was really fascinated when Icame across this wonderful water features. This is absolutely amazing. Thanksfor posting these beautiful winter water gardens that will give an admirablebeauty to your home landscape. Great post.