7 Easy Ways to Get Your Porch Ready for Summer

Close your eyes and picture your best beach day.
What makes it so great? Chances are it’s the warm sun on your face, cool beer in your hand, gentle breeze and a relaxed attitude. Great news! If you have a deck or porch, you don’t have to spend money on a fancy vacation to recreate all of the above. All you need is a can-do attitude, a free afternoon and a few good ideas.
Here are seven of our favorite ways to make your porch (or deck!) ready for summer awesomeness:
1. Seal, Stain & Weather-Proof

There’s a reason you don’t put lipstick on a pig – it doesn’t do any good! Unless the exterior of your deck or porch is in good shape, any fun accessories you add will be a waste of time. Plus, an unsealed porch will become waterlogged and rot over time, getting worse with every summer storm or winter snow. If your setup is looking a little ragged, check and see if there are any professional deck and porch maintenance offers in your area. It’s the easiest way to whip things back into shape.

2. Hang Twinkle Lights

Now that your porch is protected, it’s time to have a little fun. To extend the time you and your family enjoy your outdoor living space, throw up some patio twinkle lights. A few strands of lights can transform a so-so patio into something special.

These lights come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors. And you’d be surprised how far they’ll go towards making your area look like it’s straight out of Pinterest. Plus, you’ll be able to see your cocktail during those nighttime hangs, and everyone looks great under the glow.

3. Add an Outdoor Cooler

A perfectly lazy afternoon isn’t complete without a cold drink (or two…or three). Make living easy by adding an attractive outdoor cooler to your deck or patio oasis. Avoid ugly plastic coolers, and opt for interesting shapes and containers, like this baby bathtub idea from Southern Living. When you’re headed outside for a long afternoon of leisure, fill the bathtub, metal planter or other unique cooler with ice and beverages. That way, you and your guests barely have to move to refill.

4. Bring Out a Bar Cart

Turn the porch party up with a bar cart. Don’t limit your bar cart to booze! On the cart, you can store booze, and cups, stirrers, coasters, books, magazines, speakers, sunglasses or anything else you may fancy while you’re wiling away the afternoon. It’s basically a chest of drawers on wheels.

If you would fancy a cocktail or three on your porch, build a baller bar cart with these tips.

5. Hang Up a Hammock

Hammocks are the best. Really, the best. We cannot overestimate how great wasting an afternoon in a hammock can be. You swing, you feel the breeze and you relax, all from the comfort of your front (or back) stoop. To turn your hammock time into romantic-time, consider a two-person hammock. We love this one, because it has a steel stand, so it’s mobile and easy to set up.

6. Think Indoors

To make your outdoor living space feel cozy, add a few traditionally indoor items like rugs, lamps, and flower vases. If your porch isn’t enclosed, we recommend bringing the smaller items inside at night, or some jealous passersby might nab them.

7. Plant Perennials

Adding pots full of perennials to your outdoor living space is an easy way to inject some color and visual interest. Why perennials, instead of annuals? You only have to plant perennials once and then you’ll get to enjoy them every year.

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  • Carol May Carol May on Apr 29, 2015
    OK, I have the hammock but I need a FRAME because I can't find anyplace to hang the thing! Any suggestions?