Front Porch Faux Tile

Corey Tays
by Corey Tays
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Last summer, I decided I wanted to give my grungy garage floor a makeover. I "faux tiled" it and it turned out great! This year I decided to do my front porch and add some extra design.

I started by thoroughly cleaning the concrete. Then I rolled on two coats of Kilz paint.

The next day, I rolled on two coats of the color I wanted for my grout. I had to finish the edges with a paint brush.

Once my paint had dried for a couple of days, I laid out my pattern. I had drawn out a sketch beforehand using the measurements of my porch to decide how big my tiles should be and how many "runs" I needed. I used basic 1/2 inch masking tape in my garage but it was too wide for my porch. I found some 1/4 inch tape at a auto parts store. They also had 1/8 inch but I chose the 1/4 inch. This isn't as hard as it looks. I overlapped lots of lines with tape and then cut around my design using a sharp razor blade.

Next comes the fun part! I mixed and matched paint colors I had on hand and blended them by dotting them using a plastic bag. Consistency is very important here.

This is my finished product. I applied two coats of concrete sealer.

This is the rest of the porch. I only did the diamond design in front of my door. I posted my project on Facebook and had several job offers within a few hours!

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  • Molly Perser Molly Perser on May 24, 2019

    What kind of paint did you use?

  • Jad75957584 Jad75957584 on Dec 28, 2022

    You stated you cut around your design with a sharp razor blade. Is this done after you applied the "faux tile" paint to aid in removing tape when the project is dry?

  • Jody Price Jody Price on Sep 03, 2023

    It looks great! Do you work in Texas? I need my front and back porches done like yours!

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  • Violet Violet on Jan 11, 2023

    That is simply beautiful!!!

  • Robin Robin on Jan 14, 2023

    Beautiful! Are you in an area that gets snow? Always wanted to try this on a basement floor, never had the guts lol.