Our New Back Steps

3 Materials
3 Hours
We had wooden steps and they were really in bad shape. The extreme weather we've had here in the last few years took a toll on them. I decided we would this time around put in brick steps.
These had to go that's for sure, because they were getting dangerous to come up and down them. We all were beginning to hold onto the rails for dear life! This couldn't be put off any longer!
Wicky Wacky Steps
The girls and I have laughed about bricks and how much I like them.  Old, new, makes no difference to me I really like them.  Our back steps were beginning to have major problems with water damage and some rotting to be specific.  It was time to replace them, they were wooden and then it hit me 'Like a ton of bricks!' Dolly build new ones of brick this time!  Oh yeah and why not get 'Snoop Dog' as he calls himself to build them?  
Mc Allister Brick Masonry
I was excited to get those steps in so I called a local brick mason. He calls himself Snoop Doggie Dog and he does favor him somewhat. This was our first meeting.  He told Chuck and I that he had done the brickwork on the church up in front of us, and several houses around in this area.  

He had a good helper. I didn't get his name, but he worked hard.
Snoop asked if we cared if the bricks weren't the same as my original brick on the home.  We told him to get as close as possible, otherwise it was alright with us.  We were desperate for steps.  

My OCD began to kick in and I didn't know if I could stand a mismatch.  Then I decided what the heck my daddy would have used bricks of any kind to build our steps at our ole home place.  So, I bit my lip and said oh go ahead!  

Mine were not in stock so Go For It!  I couldn't see buying a ton of bricks for a few steps, anyway.

I will have to remove mama's brickwork and level the ground.  It has sunken from being out here a few years.  I will put them back in the same order in which she had them.  Unless, I take them up altogether.  

I can hear Dot saying to me now, "Dolly, you are too picky!"  "If you want to change this out go ahead and just do it!" 
I would have loved to film the bricklaying, because to me it is a work of art just watching them.  Figured it would be for the best if I left these men alone to do their job.
Almost finished
Drying nicely on this sunny morning. Now I can't wait for cleanup and planting around. We love the new steps. No more balancing act on the old wooden ones.
I can't wait for them to dry good to wash my little stoop down.

I must put these in the ground soon. I love this time of year, don't you?
You Iay remember we painted the front porch ceiling Haint Blue. We didn't paint the back stoop ceiling blue but painted it white.
You can see in the picture the wasps are hard at work building their nests. We have to get them down. I may have to break down and paint this ceiling blue as well. The front is wasp and bird nest free. I miss my precious Chimney Sweeps though...but they made an awful mess, so we are better off. That is a great thing because we could in the past not enjoy the front porch for so many birds and wasps.
We are now enjoying the steps so much!
Have a great day!
Suggested materials:
  • Bricks   (Brick Mason)
  • Sand   (Brick Mason)
  • Mortar   (Brick Mason)
Dolly of Hibiscus House
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