Does anyone have experience or warnings about using RESTORE Deck & Concrete Restoration?

I have a raised concrete deck that is over 10 years old and has some cracks. I was thinking about using something like this.
does anyone have experience or warnings about using restore deck amp concrete, concrete masonry, decks
does anyone have experience or warnings about using restore deck amp concrete, concrete masonry, decks
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  • Buyer Becareful Buyer Becareful on Oct 30, 2013
    When in the planning phase of a very large multi deckproject my client and I contact Rust-O-Leumsupport staff in regards to their product Restore. We explained to them that we were going toput their product over another product on one deck and we needed to seal theirproduct on all the decks. The Restoredid not adhere to the other product we were covering and bubbled up even whenwe told them specifically what the other product was. We had to completely re-deck this deck. The Restore support staff also told us touse a water based sealer to seal their product so we started sealing one ofdecks and the sealer had a reaction with the Restore and changed colors. Now we have one deck with very strangelooking colors and 2 decks with no sealer and wood exposed to the elements. Wehave had no further help from the Rust-O-LeumRestore support staff on how to correct the problems. The product is verydifficult to apply and leaves a lot of roller maker regardless of how you applyit. Restore is not a good product togo over other products even when it says it’s ok on the side of theirproduct. Restore is not a good product if you are trying to seal and protectyour wood. The Restore support staffis a complete joke and even after they completely miss guided us on how to usetheir product they will not help us on how to figure out what to do from here. They have just left us hanging with an offerto refund the money for the Restore.One other thing I would like to add is initially they us the bubbling was fromrain 2 weeks after we applied their product because their product takes 30 daysto completely cure before you can get it wet. I just have to ask why they wouldeven sale their product in the Pacific North West… Horrible product!Wa SEE THIS VIDEO 100%

  • Buyer Becareful Buyer Becareful on Oct 30, 2013
    Watch this before you buy 100% 100%

  • Lisa Cashman-Natoli Lisa Cashman-Natoli on Apr 27, 2014
    Would NOT recommend this product. After one winter the deck is completely chipping, peeling and bubbling up. It took a long time to apply (between the prep and application) and is expensive, however removing all of this product us going to make another time consuming summer. Extremely dissatisfied!!

  • I have used this product many times without one compliant. Its all about where its being used, the prep and attentions to details on its application. The video that was shown appears to have been applied to a plywood surface of some sort. What people need to remember this is not only a product that will fill voids and create a new surface ( and there are other brands that do this as well) it creates a moisture barrier that prevents moisture from seeping into what ever its painted on. In the video the bubbling is being caused by moisture that is wicking up from under the material in which the product was installed. This is acting much like any paint product that goes on a wood sided home that has a elevated moisture level behind it. On cement patios, if there is a lot of moisture that will wick up from the ground, any paint product that is applied will do the same thing. It will peel and blister off in short order. That is why it is always suggested to use a stain product on a cement slab that is prone to moisture as it will allow the moisture to breath out of the top surface. Decks that peel do so many times because the boards are over a soil surface with little to no air flow below drying them out. The dampness from the ground called damp rising will enter into the bottom of the boards causing them to blister and peel much like the cement. Its all about proper prep as well The slightest amount of moisture on the deck after cleaning it can cause failure of any paint product and these deck restoring products are no different. Use a moisture meter on the deck prior to painting. Numbers any higher then 10% should be allowed to dry to below that point.

  • Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch Stacie Slaughter-Gottsch on Apr 28, 2014
    We like it but found that you need 4x the amount you will think you need. Also get good bold colors don't get muted tones the are more so on a larger space. Very messy and like putting down peanut butter! The end result is great and we won't need to repaint or refinish the paint again.

  • Ed Anderson Ed Anderson on Jun 27, 2014
    I applied Rust-Oleum Restore to my deck mid August 2013. We followed the manufacture's instructions religiously. We alsowatched their video for product application. We used Rust-Oleum deck cleanerfor preparation and their special roller for application. Fast forward to March 2014 and this stuff is peeling andcracking everywhere. The failure mode is either peeling up in large sheets or itcrumbles when you step on it. The major problem is that in sections of the deck where it neitherpeels nor crumbles, its removal is all but impossible without destroying thewood decking. The only thing I can do now is pull up the fir decking andeither replace it (very expensive) or turn the decking over, put it back downand use a conventional stain (labor intensive). Needless to say, "I am not happy". Please do not simply believe what I say. Verify this foryourself. Go to: Home Depot Customer Reviews: Amazon Customer Reviews: Most Importantly: Rust-Oleum’s FacebookPage See the hundreds of Horror stories Stay away from the garbage, junk product

  • Ice wards Ice wards on Jul 04, 2015
    I would never use this product again. I put it on an older wood deck but replaced bad boards and peeped the deck exactly as their instructions listed. Within 6 months the product was lifting up and chipping away from the surface. I was in touch with the company directly and they did nothing about it and basically brushed me off. I would warn everyone to not waste their money as I ended up doing with a poor product.

  • Sue Sue on Sep 22, 2015
    The product is the worst. It peels, bubbles, you can't get it off. It is hard to put on and you need way more that you think. When the weather gets hot, you can't walk on it with bare feet. I would never recommend this!

  • Kelly Kelly on Oct 12, 2015
    It is not a good product.

  • Kelly Kelly on Oct 12, 2015
    It is not a good product.

  • Kelly Kelly on Oct 12, 2015
    It is not a good product.

  • Kelly Kelly on Oct 12, 2015
    It is not a good product.

  • Ed Anderson Ed Anderson on Oct 13, 2015
    Don't use'll be sorry that you did. Look at all the horror stories on the web about the complete failure of this product. There are currently several class action lawsuits against Rust-Oleum Read about it here:

  • Tami Ward Tami Ward on Feb 15, 2016
    We used it on our deck- big mistake! It was really rough and difficult to use. It required a lot of product. It also gets very hot in the sun- we could not go barefoot. Might be better on concrete, but it ruined our deck.

  • Ice wards Ice wards on Feb 16, 2016
    Stay as far away from it as you can. It seems like it would be amazing. The only thing it is amazing at is taking your money. Horrible product. Not worth it, it peals and flakes away

  • Sue Sue on Feb 17, 2016
    Garbage product.

  • Sharon hughes Sharon hughes on Oct 03, 2016
    Used it ,now have to remove what hasn't peeled off. Son used it had boards that were rotted. Did not protect wood.

  • Joanne Wilcox-Jewett Joanne Wilcox-Jewett on Oct 03, 2016
    Do NOT use it! It does not work on decks exposed to hot/cold temperatures or rain. We ended up having to remove it clear down to bare wood at great expense!

  • Linda Denny Linda Denny on Dec 06, 2016
    It may only work on raw wood. We love the way it is holding up on our wood garden boxes- I mixed it half and half with Behr exterior paint of the same shade, no problem through 3 years of ice and snow, southern exposure and watering.

  • Shawna Bailey Shawna Bailey on Dec 07, 2016
    I see this question is a few years old, what did you end up using?

  • Sharon hughes Sharon hughes on Dec 07, 2016
    Used this product,now have a job trying to remove what is left after it started peeling. Son has same problem.