How can we fix the bank below our driveway?


The bank below our parking area is ugly.How can I make tiers so I can plant in it?

q how can we fix the bank below our driveway
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  • Alice Alice on Aug 18, 2018

    I've used railroad ties.

  • Gk Gk on Aug 18, 2018

    Just replacing the steps is a good start!

  • Libbie Kinne Libbie Kinne on Aug 18, 2018

    Maybe a graduated garden slope? You could also build a retaining wall, with the steps to match if you wanted them redone.

    Here's an example of what I thought -

  • Ted Rowland Ted Rowland on Aug 18, 2018

    Brenda, It is a lot of work. I would call 3 local landscaping companies and get a price. Ask them to show similar work photos.

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Aug 19, 2018

    HI, I can't find the pic I was thinking of...but imagine a dry stream bed meandering across the bottom of your slope, some retaining rocks or plantings on the slope. For your steps, you could use RR ties and back fill with gravel and rocks , and a foot bridge over the stream. If the slope isn't too steep, maybe a winding rock path that blends into the stream.You could create a small swell/pond, dry or wet, at the end of the stream to give it a "destination" . Also a great place to plant bulbs for seasonal color. Like 200 daffodil bulbs, grape hyacinth, or whatever grows where you are, would put a smile on your face.

    I agree, you should get some landscapers in and gather their ideas. A lot of them recycle rocks and materials to save you $.

  • Mary lu Mary lu on Aug 19, 2018

    The cheapest way is to find some big rocks and create a couple layers, similar to using railroad ties, and then plant pretty flowers, etc in each layer. or if you want to spend money, get some of those pretty retainer blocks and do in a similar way.

  • Kathryn Kathryn on Aug 19, 2018

    Depending on what you want to plant, you could put in large rocks and plant in between them. New steps for sure.

  • Michele Michele on Aug 19, 2018

    If the only issue is ugliness - save yourself a lot of time and money.... Replace the steps and leave the slope as it is. Plant Crown Vetch - which is a hardy ground cover that will spread to fill the slope, prevent erosion and bloom with a pretty pink flower. Unless you are in project mode and actually want to go through the work it takes to execute some of the great ideas mentioned above...

  • Michele Michele on Aug 19, 2018

    Stay away from railroad ties.... they contain creasote and are considered a hazardous waste. If you change your mind in the future, they are very difficult to dispose of in many areas of the country!

  • Ginger the farm gal Ginger the farm gal on Aug 24, 2018

    Lowes carries great landscape blocks that are easy to stack, just level and place a top block on them. You could make as many rows as you have the energy for.

  • Joanna - Gingham Gardens Joanna - Gingham Gardens on Sep 15, 2018

    Hi Brenda - first, I would clean it all out so you have a blank slate to work with. I would consider putting up a back drop between the drive and the slope, like some framed out lattice panels. You'll have to haul in some compost to fill the area in. Our back yard is sloped just like that, so I'm attaching some articles on makeover projects we've done on both sides. Good luck! and

    Both of these projects have been Hometalk features.

  • Cheryl Gillman Cheryl Gillman on Sep 15, 2018

    I would get rid of all of the grass/weeds, and make it into tiers using big-ish rocks and plant things that will spread and have good ground cover