Asked on Mar 16, 2015

Trying to recycle and reuse old outdoor cushions. Any suggestions?

by Gina
I have outdoor patio furniture cushions, all faded by the sun, they are in pretty good shape, but they were expensive and don't want to replace them right now, does any one have any experience with this? If So do you have any suggestions for what I can do to reuse these?
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  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 16, 2015
    @Gina you could try to make cushion covers or you could paint them - lots of posts on this site for painting fabric, just search it out in the search bar at the top.
  • Gina Gina on Mar 16, 2015
    Gail, I found someone who had used paint for her outdoor cushions, I had no idea they made fabric spray paint, i found it on So Excited that I don't have to spend money buying new cushions now. thanks Gail
    • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Mar 16, 2015
      @Gina Let us know how it works - post before and after pics. Check out the posts on here for tips to make it go smoother, you can also post questions to the owner of the post.
  • Alana Murphy Alana Murphy on Mar 16, 2015
    Recover over top of the cushion with shower curtains. You can pick up curtains reasonably priced and there is such a variety of colors and patterns. Good luck
    • Gina Gina on Mar 17, 2015
      @Alana Murphy Thank you, i found fabric spray paint I am going to use, as soon as it arrives, I will be posting before, during and after pictures of the process.
  • Gina Gina on Mar 17, 2015
    @Gail I most certainly will do that. I ordered the paint today, hoping to receive this weekend. Will get started on Monday when hubby is at work. :)
  • Becky Greenwald Becky Greenwald on Mar 17, 2015
    I spent a fortune on outdoor pillows, which faded in our southern exposure in one summer season. I'm so excited to investigate painting them!
    • Gina Gina on Mar 17, 2015
      @Becky Greenwald I'm going to post the before, during and after photos as soon as the paint arrives. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday of next week. :)
  • Sandra Mills Sandra Mills on Mar 18, 2015
    Following to see results!
  • Gina Gina on Mar 21, 2015
    So excited; I received the paint Friday morning, but can't paint cushions until the weather clears up, has been rainy and yucky for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully can start the process on Monday or Tuesday...Will be posting the pics of Before.....During .....and After....
  • Gina Gina on Mar 26, 2015
    I posted the pictures, on my page. Please check it out and leave your feedback. was harder than I thought it would be but they definitely look better.