What can I do to the front of this house to get that wow!!!! Factor?

The front porch and maybe the yard
q what can i do to the front of this how to get the wow facto
q what can i do to the front of this how to get the wow facto
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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jun 25, 2018
    Ros, Could go with Shutters at top window and trellis across at Porch Roof height. Or Board across top half from eves of Porch Roof and make more of Porch Supports - Maybe (they need to be or look more Chunky). Maybe if the Boards above were a Strong colour - then the Posts could be the same colour. If you don't like Boards then Stucco would be good. Window Boxes or large shrubs at lower level.........Hope that helps!!

  • Jean McCaffrey Jean McCaffrey on Jun 25, 2018
    The lintel detail over your windows is really pretty so draw attention to the windows with shutters or window boxes. The fastest and easiest? Paint that front door a pretty color....maybe one that picks up the color of the window box flowers.....and the pots of flowers you will put on the front steps. The supports for the front porch roof are out of scale for the volume of the roof so beef those up

  • Lorie Lorie on Jun 25, 2018
    I would say the same. Put shutters on the windows, add some colourful flowers/plants/bushes beside the porch and paint the front door a lighter colour! Good luck!!

  • I would put shutters on all front windows, add an emblem of some sort (are you in Texas? a big Texas star would go great there!) to the triangular facing of the awning over the front door. Build porch to awning boxes around the existing awning supports to beef them up and make them chunkier, and add trip detail to them. Paint railing on left of porch white to match shutters and columns. Is there also railing on the left? If no, install, if yes, paint white. Replant the existing potted plants on the front porch into the ground to the right of the porch, paint the two largest pots the same color (I'd use black to match the front door) and put tall topiaries in them to flank each side of the door. Put a big welcoming wreath on your front door, and upgrade your house numbers. The brick, awning, white trim, and existing black door are great foundations for a colonial look! You just need to finish it off!

  • Cute kid by the way! Lol! Looks like he's having fun!

  • Kellie Kellie on Jun 25, 2018
    Hello, I would do the following. First remove the left light at the door so that you can add shutters to each of the windows. Then I would replace the pillars with a rustic wood pillars and outline the entire outer frame in wood. Put add lanterns to the pillars if you can. Change all the trim to a more earth tone color like moss. Paint the awing the same as the trim and add a decorate piece to the center. As for the yard I would add hotas up under the windows and a row of flowers with some jewel tones and spot light them. Give the front door a pop of color and add a screen door to create a more open feel. Put some decorative pots at the front door on each side. Remove the bush off the corner in the front yard where the little boy is playing. Do some walk lights to add a little drama to your sidewalk. Best of luck on your project.

  • Beth W Beth W on Jun 25, 2018
    How about painting your brick exterior in white. Trim in black and exterior window frames. Paint the front of porch (triangle) and front door a sage green or a beautiful blue. stain wooden shutters for upper window. Stain window boxes for lower windows. Stain wood and cover and enlarge posts adding trim at top and bottom. Remove existing planting’s. Add some heavenly bamboo on either side of front porch. Edge lawn 3‘-3 1/2‘. Plant rosemary, lavender, lambs ear, and larkspur here Put down weed block and white gravel. Add a park bench under one window. Replace porch lights, house number and porch railings ( or eliminate railings if you like) with new. Add a beautiful welcome mat and welcome home!

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Jun 27, 2018
    It's too bad the builder did not center the front door. THIS is the biggest "construction" issue the house has. You could leave the door as is but help it somewhat by extending the porch to the side by adding a deck section. From there in order of importance:THIS is the biggest "construction" issue the house has. You could leave the door as is but help it somewhat by extending the porch to the side by adding a deck section. From there in order of importance:
    • the posts need to be far beefier! Research proper materials and shape for the home.
    • existing shrubs look old, tired and at the end of their lives. Take them out, they add nothing.
    • Start building your gardens. Dig out some beds from the porch to open and extend the entry and use color to lead one to the door.
    • Paint over the siding on the porch roof. It's NOT consistent with the finishes of the home. I would not call attention to it.
    • Lower windows - window boxes with flowers. Design should match new posts. Upper window - shutters to complement new posts.
    • New and significant light fixture(s).

    Finally, say "thank you" to those of us who have taken our time to help you!

  • Ginger Ginger on Jun 30, 2018
    Hometalkers are so creative. You have all given me ideas for the front of my home. I have a thank you for you all.

  • Jennifer Cierniak Jennifer Cierniak on Jul 13, 2018
    I would paint the front door a bright color. Maybe blue. Adding shudders is another option but looks like you don’t have enough space between the window and the front door. Instead you could paint the window trim to match the door but of course that color pop is up to you. It looks like the front porch could use a little more color or sprucing up. I also agree that a trellis and some new plants or shrubs would be A good idea, but I like the adding on to the porch idea too if that’s in the budget. Just remember when planting shrubs or trees to plan for their matured size instead of the size they are when you plant them.