queen anne victorian remodel - exterior

I bought this house for $9,000 back in 2007. I worked on it for three years and finally, a year ago in May, was able to move my family in! We ran into all sorts of issues, including termite damage that had compromised the foundation. She was worth saving, though, and it all came together, after a lot of sleepless nights! These photos are 'progress' shots, as I am now working on painting the fence, installing an arbor over the front, repairing the steps up into the yard, and fixing the retaining wall (a tree has been pushing against it for years).
front entry, peeling paint. I loved the little scallops on the edges of the house, but wasn't able to save them, due to dry rot.
this is what the house looked like when i purchased it. the trees were so overgrown, you couldn't see the trim detail. On the right of the photo you can see the oversized gable roof over the bay windows. WRONG!
another 'before' shot of the front of the house
after trees were trimmed down and paint. I also built and added a little matching detail over the entry door and added a trim piece to the lower front windows in the red trim color. She got a new roof too! :)
detail of the trimwork above the windows. Very unique! Looked horrid in robin's egg blue, looks so much better now :)
the bay windows really needed a new little roof...the other one was a huge, oversized doghouse gable roof that looked out of place and weighted down the windows.
we added shake shingles to match the ones on the trim detail in the front of the house.
new front door with new little awning to match the other trim.

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  • Lori T Lori T on Oct 10, 2012
    Much luck to you I have wanted a victorian for so long. We have a lot of cool old houses where UI live too but I can't afford one on what I make . so I'll keep dreaming.

  • Melissa Hill Melissa Hill on Oct 03, 2013
    great job! beautiful. love that your restoring it!!!