Go from brown to bright green

Lay down a solid base coat followed by a strong, shapely pattern over your entire porch floor. Get tutorial here

Paint a faux tile mosaic

This gorgeous painted faux tile creates the illusion of texture and sophistication, but on the cheap! Get tutorial here

Stencil an intricate rug

Choose a bold color palette and an intricate stencil, for this stunning painted rug. Get tutorial here

Create a striking pattern

Cover your porch floor in a striking pattern, either in one area or all over. Get tutorial here

Whitewash your wooden planked floor

Give plain wooden porch flooring charm and character, with an easy whitewashing method. Get tutorial here

Re-stain your tired porch

Even if you're not doing a porch overhaul, after a harsh winter your porch could use stain! Get tutorial here

Stamp an inviting houndstooth pattern

Cut a houndstooth pattern out of foam sheets, and use it to stamp an accent on your floor. Get tutorial here

Paint stripes down your porch

Go easy but big-impact, with wide neutral colored paint stripes running down the length of your porch. Get tutorial here

Give the floor a plaid makeover

Cover the entire surface with a warm plaid pattern, to give your porch a rustic accent. Get tutorial here

Break up the space with painted areas

Use paint to create separate sections on a large porch, like this delicate painted rug as a dining area. Get tutorial here