Screening in a Gazebo

We had a customer that owned a rather large gazebo in Dubuque, their issue was that a year ago they had a contractor screen it in but over winter several of the screens had ripped, torn and frames bent and broke. Showing them that this contractor had used the wrong frames, the wrong screen and attached these incorrectly had caused the failure had to be handled very delicately because he was a friend of theirs but still get the point across. We removed all of the old existing screens and hardware, built the new screens installed them properly and then gave him a Nerf bat and said, here beat the dickens out of them.... waalaa, point made. Folks, when you screen "do it right the first time", these new screens should last up to 50 years. And please always try to stay away from using ANY plastic parts, the ultraviolet rays over the years really does affect it. Get in touch with us and we'll gladly offer you advice and assistance in any way.

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