Back Yard Break Down

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6 Hours

After plenty of feedback on my backyard makeover I figured I could break down each project a little more detailed for those willing to give it a try

Step 1 Cut to lumber to size

After measuring my grill out I figured my best size was around 2.5 ft deep by 5 ft wide in knowing this I purchased my 2x6 lumber in 10ft pieces for limited waste. I also used 4x4 at 8 ft I did not cut these down.

Step 2 Set base

After placing down some weed block fabric I placed the base down and once leveled I staked it into place.

Step 3 Framing

With the base set and level I screwed the 4 post into the base at each corner. I then made the top portion to mimic the base easily attaching one board at a time at the top of the post. Once top frame was in place I cut and assembled 2x4 for the roof. No set measurements here I simply went off of a visual for the roof pitch.

Step 4 Roof

With the roof structure in place I added on a galvanized roofing metal and secured in place by overlapping one piece over the other at the middle for support.

Step 5 Position grill

With the main structure now built I set the grill in place to position properly and check the functionality.

Step 6 Build in

Using 1x4 and fence picket boards I added sides to the grill. I also added a few pops of metal with some left over roofing tin. You will notice the front door was placed on hinges to remove the grill and easily clean.

Step 7 Functionality

You will notice in this picture I added an additional door to access propane tank for removal and install. Also tossed on a spare piece of live edge wood I had laying around for a serving table.

Step 8 Clean up and prep

I did quickly run over with a palm sander to remove any rough edges and print on the lumber before blowing off and staining.

Step 9 Put it too use

Now that you are done it’s time to prep and fire up your grill for the next cookout. Also don’t forget your bottle opener no grill is complete without one haha. Enjoy.

Suggested materials:

  • 2 2x6x10 pressure treated   (Homedepot)
  • 4 4x4x8 pressure treated post   (Homedepot)
  • 5 2x4x8 pressure treated   (Homedepot)
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  • Heather Heather on Jul 29, 2020

    I love the way that looks with the corrugated metal! Did you do anything to vent the back? I would be afraid it would get too hot under the grill, no?


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