My Dream Shed From Curbside Finds

2 Materials
4 Months
Shed chic for under $280.
Collect old windows ,railings, fencing
everything and anything with potential.
Making my dream shed
I have been playing with the idea
adding a she shed ,garden or potting shed, into my garden for quite awhile.
I wanted to encorporate an architectural element with
a dream like and playful quality
to my backyard garden design.

I love the reminiscence of the “club house “from my childhood.
I remember dreaming about clubhouses forts and
Wendy houses. The latest thing
now is the she shed.

I love sheds of all kinds. Pat Beglin PBDesigns

This is a regular four sided fence.
with a “cheap“ corrugated roof
from Home Depot.
I hammered board to the exact size on the back of the area first
where I cut out a door in the fence structure. Then a black handle and hinges were added. The door is
open and shut by a piece of wood . This gives it the whimsy and a
childlike effect I was aiming for.

A window and window box
A rounded mirror softens the
angles on the shed.
The front window has a window box
below it turned upside down to put potted plants on. The window box is a little wider than the window for a visual effect.
When the hydrangia and wisteria
go out of bloom potted plants on
the window box adds blooms and color all season.
My shed with garden bench
My dream shed can go through many
This photo shows that the elements, like a window or shutters can be attached or removed at whim.
Here a bench has replaced the windows for a time depending on the season.
I found an array of elements can transform the look. Different materials have been playfully
added or removed by
careful use of strong attachment gadgets.

The shed can have a different
“outfit or look by “just the right hook.”

So many ideas are available
through curbside finds.
Drawing plan and curb finds
From left to right
top photo ...
Habitate for humanity store.
Door $10 shutters $4 a pair .
Middle photo ...
My drawing of overall general plan For my shed.
Bottom photo ...
Curbside finds such as old windows chippy railings or shutters are
are placed here to pick and choose
from time to time.

With a very light spray of white
that “found“ or distressed look
is revealed in the design of
my shed .

My shed with black shutters
This photo shows my shed with
a half of a french door and shutters.

The curbside accutrament over the door was perfect to attach climbing
flower vines. Tip *Wisteria is a fast
growing climber for a shed.
I love the changes and renewing
as the project progresses.

Always go with everything and anything curbside you never know what might work visually !

Suggested materials:

  • Second hand Shutters   (Habitat for humanity store)
  • Curbside finds

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