This Elegant Aqua She Shed

Her little aqua she shed looks like it could host the world’s best tea party. Imagine crafting in here! Get tutorial here

Their Backyard Hot Cocoa Bar (Inside)

Imagine sitting cuddled in here, sipping cocoa, and watching the snow fall quietly. Get tutorial here

This Dreamy Lumber Hut

If you have to store wood, why not do it in shabby chic style with a reclaimed wood shed. Get tutorial here

Her Storage Shed Turned Fairytale Cottage

This was just a lonely storage shed, but after this crazy cute makeover, it’s every woman’s dream hangout. Get tutorial here

Their Potting Shed from Pallets and Cans

This pallet shed has a rusted tin can roof! If you have a pallet collection, you’re 1/2 way there. Get tutorial here

This Blogger’s Luxurious Office Shed (Inside)

If you’re dreaming of a quiet, serene space to get work done, convince hubby to make you this! Get tutorial here

Her Charming Golden Cottage from Scratch

This idyllic little cottage was built from scratch by one of the world’s best hubbies & we’re all impressed. Get tutorial here

His Rustic Backyard Workshop

Maybe this hubby’s workshop will convince yours to start building - you’re willing to share, right? Get tutorial here

Her Crafter’s Dream House (Inside)

Speaking of crafts, turn your backyard shed into a fully outfitted craft room for hours of fun. Get tutorial here

Their Darling Doll-House Potting Shed

If you’re going to ask hubby for a potting shed, this cute doll-house style build should be your muse! Get tutorial here

This Flower-Covered Gardener’s Paradise

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