Update Interior Shots of Mancave/She Shed! as Promised

As promised I have added some pics of the interior and porch as only allowed 15 pics per post, The shed was panelled out with ply - again recycled stuff, it is the cheap stuff that fires come packaged in at my wifes work so was free (my favorite price) On top I skinned with 3mm MDF and then ripped some strips to give a panel effect
The cupboardry is a recycled kitchen ($100 on TradeMe) it is solid oak! I had to cut about 100mm off the right end to fit. I have left the sink in as a "sump" for my wood lathe so that wood chips can easily be swept into a bin, they will then be used as chook bedding
I wasnt going to put in a ceiling but then I got offered some really cheap cedar Tongue and Groove so....... The lights were free (found in a skip and rewired by me)
The Upstairs storage space accessed by a loft ladder, stuff can come in either through the end windows, or a large hatch in the floor/ceiling, I have a bunch of old cupboard doors (right) which i will cut down for cupboardry at the sides to store occasionallt used stuff "out of sight"
The porch before tiling, I use the base of an old computer chair as a kneeling pad -- The arms help an old fella to get back up!
A close up of the tiles, originally I was going to have decking, but then I saw these and they were a steal ($12 a tile -- thanks TradeMe again)
Finished and grouted
And wear gloves when fitting roofing iron -- especially if you are planning to fall off the roof (or are a clumsy bugger) Seems like someone has edited these pics out!
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  • Lori Lori on Dec 21, 2015
    First.... I love it!! And second did You have any help??? Can't imagine doing the tresses(sp) by yourself! Thanks for the part two!! Merry Christmas

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  • Jan Jan on Dec 21, 2015
    So....with the money you saved, did your wife send you for a psyc eval for 1) moving trusses alone, even with leverage/stays; 2) chopping off your finger; 3) not wearing gloves when handling steel roofing? She must have incredible patience. And nerves of steel! Have a wonderful holiday to you both, & enjoy the warm weather in the Southern Hemisphere! Always did want to see NZ, & your view is beautiful!

    • Stephen Taylor Stephen Taylor on Dec 21, 2015
      No need for a psych evaluation I've been a sailor for 38 years so am technically crazy anyway. Actually I had one after the first gulf war and UT said I was fine (considering I thought I was a chicken )

  • Billie Johnson Billie Johnson on Jul 08, 2017
    I am so impressed with your inspiring work space and the way you down play the trials and tribulations of the entire project!!! One ? Why so many ceiling trusses? L.A. In Phoenix

    • Stephen Taylor Stephen Taylor on Jul 09, 2017
      Simple answer is :- There were that many in the plans, on reflection I should have left one out at the "upstairs" access ladder so it is easier to get boxes up there, however I do live in a high wind zone on top of a hill and the roof is still on 3-4 years later! Plus doesn't sag like some tin roofs you see